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The States of Jersey Case Study

Independent study on the energy security and resilience of Island of Jersey’s energy supply to future shocks

States of Jersey


The States of Jersey commissioned IPA and Currie & Brown to carry out an independent study on the energy security and resilience of the Island of Jersey’s energy supply to future shocks. Importing the vast majority of its energy needs, Jersey is vulnerable to disruptions to its energy infrastructure, which could potentially have a large impact on both the local economy and the well-being of Islanders.

IPA provided an assessment and definition of energy security and resilience in the context of small island energy systems in order to determine standards which were suitable for Jersey. Based on these standards, IPA developed a bespoke Energy Resilience Model to assess the risks, likelihoods and consequences of energy supply disruptions for a number of scenarios specific to Jersey. Appropriate interventions, along with high level indicative costs to implement them, were then identified and then modelled to assess their effectiveness and ability to mitigate the identified risks and maintain energy supplies within an acceptable level of security.

Alongside these tasks, IPA conducted a stakeholder consultation in Jersey to discuss and confirm key risks and potential risk mitigation options, and was instrumental in coordinating the first ever cross-sector energy consultation seminar in Jersey, involving key stakeholders from the electricity, gas and oil sectors, amongst others.

As an extension to this work, the States of Jersey asked IPA to provide recommendations on minimum stockholding levels to include in a new Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the fuel terminal operator in order to improve Jersey’s security of supply.

This engagement with key stakeholders helped to pave a way for future collaborative studies to develop a holistic energy resilience strategy for Jersey which balance the competing demands of sustainability, affordability and security.

The Executive Summary of IPA’s Final Report has since been published on the States of Jersey website.