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Regulation & Policy

Regulation and policy is one of IPA’s core competencies. Across the energy, water and infrastructure sectors we work in five main areas:

Market Liberalisation, Design and Reform
IPA helps governments and national sector regulators seeking to establish, strengthen or reform liberalised markets and advises regulated companies on how this impacts on them. IPA has been involved in the development of many of the world’s competitive utility markets, from the selection of an appropriate market model through to implementation and subsequent reform.

Institutional Development and Reform
IPA provides advice to countries worldwide on institutional development and reform. This can involve the unbundling of vertically integrated state-owned monopolies into separate business units to operate within the competitive market. IPA advises and trains governments and national sector regulators on how such entities should be created, implemented, operated and staffed.

Regulatory Economics
IPA specialises in providing regulatory economics advice, with a wealth of experience in both the principles of regulations and their practical application. Our areas of expertise include economic regulation, efficiency and benchmarking, and cost of capital.

Economic Modelling and Analysis
IPA’s extensive modelling experience and tools provide expertise in the development and operation of market simulations. We develop rigorous and pragmatic solutions that are tailored to each client’s need and keep complexity to a minimum. We work with governments, national sector regulators and utility companies to provide quantitative analysis of impacts of changing policy and regulations on their objectives and strategy.

IPA offers specialist skills in utility sector policy development, evaluation and implementation in areas such as regulatory economics, and economic modelling and analysis. We draft regulatory frameworks to implement these policies.