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Strategic study and product market forecast in the Middle East


MENA Region

A major national oil company in the MENA region required an assessment of the of fuel demand, in order to plan for future capital investments projects to meet forecasted  economic growth in the MENA region to maintain its product market share.

IPA was engaged to conduct a number of national market studies for eight refined petroleum products.  The market studies provided inputs into the client’s long term growth strategy, which was used to set achievable business growth targets and identify strategic initiatives to exploit emerging opportunities.  IPA assessed the client’s competitive positioning in the refined product markets, conducted analysis of fuel usage in the country and developed demand forecasts for each product, including gasoline, diesel, CNG, jet fuel, marine fuel, LPG and piped-natural gas (PNG).  IPA also provided an assessment of the market potential for the marine bunkering business in the country and developed a techno-economic study for the development of a multi-fuel storage depot.  This analysis included data gathering exercises with main suppliers, governmental organisations and large end-users.  This allowed IPA to assess the market trends, demand drivers and the impact of changes in each market over the last 10 years.  IPA provided a long-term market forecast for each product’s demand up to 2030.  The final market report included a competitor analysis and an analysis of the client’s existing operations based on the product demand forecasts and an assessment of future growth strategies.

The work conducted by IPA allowed the client to take a view on the future growth opportunities for the company, identify strategic initiatives to exploit emerging opportunities and prepare its capability to meet demand growth.