IPA Advisory Limited a leading independent advisory practice


IPA provides technical, economic and financial analysis of major infrastructure projects, from pipeline systems, import and export terminals to cooling and heating solutions.  IPA works with investors, utility and oil and gas companies and national governments, not only directly but also in collaboration with other companies in the Dar Group.  We assist with strategy, technical appraisal, development of policy, sector restructuring and the creation of regulatory frameworks, business planning, financial modelling and risk analysis, charges (tariffs) and access pricing, demand forecasts and sector development, and institutional reform.  We work on strategic plans and due diligence reviews for major asset transactions plus provide specialist advice in the facilitation of PPP.

IPA is a leader in the design and creation of the contractual relationships which will attract private sector involvement in infrastructure at the same time as ensuring the achievement of wider government policy objectives.  We advise governments and development agencies worldwide on the conditions required for attracting private sector finance.